All majors are welcome at UAVs@Berkeley and everyone can bring something unique and valuable to the table. You can join at any time during the semester but most people join teams at the beginnning of each semester during our recruitment process. No experience is necessary as long as you’ve got a passion for unmanned flight and the time to dedicate to our efforts. If you’re looking to become an active member of the club, the most important thing to do is to join our Discord channels where all club communication takes place. The link to join is below:

In order to fly drones with us, you need to take care of a few tasks: 





Join our Discord channel to keep up with our events and chat with our members by clicking here.


Attend a UAVs@B flight safety training. These take place 3 or 4 times throughout the semester. See our events page.


At flight safety training, sign up for a $20 AMA insurance card. This protects our club against damages.


Retrieve your AMA card from our lab, and come out to a fly day.  

To join one of our teams, attend our General Meeting in the beginning of the semester. If that event has already come and gone, reach out to the project manager on Discord to see where they can fit you in.


107A McLaughlin Hall
Berkeley CA, 94720

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